NetDynamics Consulting, LLC Services

We provide technical services based on client's specific business and technical requirements. NetDynamics, is capable of providing full life-cycle solutions for operating the IT infrastructure for its clients. There are two major elements to the services we offer. First is Operational Support and second is Consulting Services.


NetDynamics’ Operational support includes the run-and-maintain of our customer’s IT infrastructure. As part of this service we provide the following:

·    Proactive monitoring of all inter-related HW and SW components

  •     Define, implement, and document automated systems maintenance routines and schedules
  •     Coordination with Solutions Architects in defining and documenting standard operating procedures
  •     Maintain and provide documentation updates to any baseline configuration documentation for HW or SW
  •     Document policies and procedures for the customers systems.
  •     Problem management - Problem identification, root cause analysis, and problem escalation to the vendors if necessary. 

 Optional Operational Support

  •     The Operational support service also includes optionally offer services for incorporating business process models that best suits our customers, such as Change Management and Configuration Management. We have experience with enabling our customers to implement both ITIL and CMMI to optimize and standardize their IT organization.


NetDynamics’ consulting services offers short-term and long-term resources for our customers. As IT Technologist, we specialize in services for IT evaluation and consolidation efforts within organizations. Since NetDynamics has no business affiliations with any Software or Hardware vendors, we have the ability to make non-bias recommendations to our customers based on their current and future requirements. As part of the consolidation services, NetDynamics has past experience with consolidating email systems for organizations larger 50 thousand users. This included careful analysis of data and forecast growth and trends. Our consulting services offer the following:


 Systems Architect

These are our experienced solutions provider. They have extensive experience in understanding the client’s business requirements, existing problems and engineer a solution that is both effective and scalable. They present high-level solutions designs to our customers based on feasibility studies they perform.

  • From Physical to Virtual – In today’s economy companies are looking at cost saving measures to sustain their operational level. As such, going from physical to virtual infrastructure is an attractive option. Virtualization not only has tangible benefits such as lower cost of hardware, software, fewer full time equivalent but also intangible such as going greener.
  • The NetD consulting team brings its experience of evaluating the cost benefits for moving to a virtual environment based on not only IT but equally important Business requirements and constrains. We have experience in working with third party vendors and COTS products for architecting the right solution for our customers. Our team of experts has helped evaluating and architecting virtualized solutions for enterprise customers.
  • Collaborative Services – When using a phone, we assume there is a dial tone and even before we can place the receiver on the ear, most of us are dialing the number we want. Telephone is a utility; however it was not so a few decades ago. Collaborative services, such as eMail, Instant Messaging, Online Meetings are on the path to becoming a utility service.

We at NetDynamics understand this from the combined experience of 33 years and help our customers get there. We specialize in optimization of enterprise email systems with emphasis on 99.98% services availability to help you meet your SLAs. We architect solutions for failover between datacenters for collaborative services by integrating off-the-shelf solutions.

  • Process Management – We provide our customers with process design and process re-engineering services based on their needs. Our consultants have used ITIL frame-work in designing operational support procedures for our customers. NetDynamics has experienced base knowledge for streamlining IT processes to help reduce operational costs and increase efficiency for our customers.

Solutions Engineer

They are responsible for implementing the solutions designed by our Systems Architects. A solutions engineer can deliver a turn-key system. This includes performing scaled modeled testing of the solution, documentation, implementation plans, defining and documenting system policies and procedures.

  • Solution Implementation - We have experience in implementing, managing, upgrading and trouble-shooting enterprise collaborative systems. These are eMail, Instant Messging and Online Meeting systems servicing for over upto 80 thousand users globally. Our team of engineers excels at solutions implementation, maintaining and upgrading IT systems.
  • Product Testing – We use testing principals preferred by our customer, be it Waterfall or Agile. Testing is conducted as a scientific, measureable and repeatable process. Test results are computed and analyzed before presenting a report to our customer. We believe in data driven decisions. However, our recommendations factor in the business aspect of our customer and whether or not the product tested would be a viable solution for the near future. We consider all aspects of business and IT before making our recommendations.
  • Reporting and SLA Monitoring – Our engineering team can recommend and implement processes and products best suited for SLA Monitoring and reporting for our customers. We take great care to details and provide a matrix that would be useful to our customer. Our engineering team has experience in trend analysis over time and can implement early warning processes to avoid any disruption to production systems.